Monday, September 11, 2023

Jennason DSCSA Trading Partner Directory

Jennason is releasing the DSCSA Trading Partner directory to alleviate the inefficient processes currently required to exchange basic trading partner information as part of establishing DSCSA connectivity.

The Trading Partner Directory is accessible to all users and relies on voluntarily submitted information from industry entities (Manufacturers, wholesalers, dispensers).

The directory allows users to search by partner name, GLN or address and returns trading partner information including name, GLN, address and location type (Sold From, Sold To, Ship From, Ship To).

When information is submitted by an entity it is reviewed by Jennason and requires a secondary verification from the submitting organization before being viewable in the directory.   All verified information is indicated by a green icon.

If you are interested in submitting your entity’s details to the directory please visit and complete the brief survey.

Once your information is published in the directory, all future location master data requests from partner's can be directed to your dedicated repository URL which provides an exportable report of your location master data records.

Jennason is currently gathering a baseline of trading partner information and plans to release the directory to the public no later than September 22.

To learn more about the importance of a centralized DSCSA Trading Partner directory listen to Episode 4 of the 'Saying The Quiet Things Out Loud' Podcast  (Minute 32:40)

Please direct any questions regarding the DSCSA Trading Partner Directory to

Thank you for your collaboration.  With your support we can help close this simple, yet significantly impactful gap in DSCSA interoperability.

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