Thursday, October 5, 2023

The email every company should send to their serialization vendor today

[Serialization Vendor]-

We are planning out serialization activities for 2024 and had a few questions to help us put some estimates in place.  Appreciate your help.

  1. What is [vendor]’s involvement in ongoing initiatives to improve interoperability across the industry- such as the NABP Pulse partner program?
  2. We are hoping to automate serialization testing activities where possible so that we can reduce our dependency on partners being involved (in every case) and/or having to manually create test data ourselves.   What options can you provide for automating testing activities?
  3. Per the recent EDDS Guidance, the FDA recommends trading partners have reconciliation processes to ensure T2 data matches physical shipments. To facilitate reconciliations, we would like to know how we can systematically access the T2s which are generated in [vendor].  We assume there must be APIs or an SFTP site where we can access our T2s.

Thank you again.  The above will be very helpful in planning out our strategic initiatives for next year.

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