Tuesday, October 11, 2022

A new suite of Jennason Implementation Tools

Jennason Serialization Total Cost of Ownership Model-  Quickly evaluate Total Cost of Ownership across multiple vendors and multiple future scope scenarios.   The Jennason Serialization TCO model provides reporting/charting of total serialization spend on an annual basis as well as aggregated spend over a configurable period of time.   The tool also allows companies to calculate costs for future scope scenarios, such as the addition of new markets, partners and solution capabilities.  All reporting and graphs can be easily exported for inclusion in senior management presentations.  Additionally, the TCO model can be used to estimate serialization budget needs by expanding the cost items tracked to include non-system fees such as CMO/3PL partner costs and internal/external resource costs.

Jennason Data Migration Manager- For companies switching serialization providers, the Jennason Data Migration Manager is used to oversee the end-to-end data migration process- including definition of scope, source data details, data conversion and target data import details.  Additionally, the solution can automatically generate Data Migration Plans, conversion specifications and data verification protocols.     The Data Migration Manager can also be combined with the Jennason Translation Tool which has pre-built data converters allowing companies to quickly migrate serialization data from legacy systems into their new serialization platform (for example: CSV à EPCIS conversion)

Jennason DSCSA Implementation Manager- Consolidate serialization system implementation, vendor switches and DSCSA 2023 compliance efforts into a centralized, web-accessible dashboard and project management tools including integrated project plans, DSCSA resources and issues/risk management.   The DSCSA Implementation Manager can be extended directly to partners (CMOs/3PLs/Customers) to provide real-time visibility into project status, open action items and upcoming milestones.

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