Monday, May 6, 2013

Welcome to Jennason LLC - Let's Get Started...

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I announce the launch of Jennason LLC.   Jennason is focused on providing professional services to companies at all phases of product identification, serialization, and traceability initiatives.  Jennason is unique for one simple reason - the experience of actually doing serialization and traceability implementations for over 5 years.   It's a time of critical mass in the pharmaceutical industry as many have finalized 'pilots' of their packaging lines and distribution centers and have now reached the point where key questions arise:

  • How will all my IT systems 'talk' to each other?
  • How can I ensure I provide the traceability data needed to be compliant?
  • How is this all actually going to work?
Jennason's goal is to leverage past experience to help companies avoid the all-to-common pitfalls seen in serialization programs and instead design and implement solutions that meet the compliance requirements of today while laying the foundation for transformational supply chain capabilities of the future. 

Jennason is about acting and doing.   The phrase "The devil's in the details" is all too true when it comes to traceability solutions and that's exactly where Jennason can help.   From helping design some of the first enterprise serialization solutions to the pharmaceutical industry in the mid 2000s to bringing innovation and creativity to this space in the recent years Jennason's experience has always focused on the details.  

Even before this official launch the response from those in industry has been tremendous and I couldn't be more excited about getting things started.  For more information visit and reach out to me directly at        

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